Mechanical Keyboards and Mass Markets

Christopher Murphy November, 2018

This is going to be a longer essay, so I can get a feel for what the content is like when I'm dealing with longer lengths. There's no content here at the moment, it's just a scratch file, so I wouldn't waste any time reading this. However, there's an essay that needs to be written about Massdrop and what it represents.

I recently joined a drop for a Massdrop × OLKB Preonic Mechanical Keyboard after having spent a considerable amount of time reading about the resurgence of mechanical keyboards.

I don't really need a new keyboard, but I convinced myself that I needed a Preonic for 'testing purposes'. In no small part so I could get a feel for Massdrop and its communities.

In his book Blink: The Power of Thinking Without Thinking talks about the importance of mavens…

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Some Person

More thinking here… Essentially what interests me about Massdrop is that it represents small, focused communities of passionate users. By leveraging these communities' mavens – who are only too happy to share their passion and enthusiasm for a particular product – Massdrop allows bespoke (and not so bespoke) manufacturers to reach scale.

The OLKB Preonic I ordered was driven in no small part by the active community of users OLKB has grown through its communities.