Required Reading

Reading informs my thinking and, as a consequence, my work. I’m sharing my reading history and suggesting required reading so that others might benefit.


Reading is incredibly important to me, it informs my thinking and it keeps my mind alert. A substantial majority of my consultancy is focused on strategy and widening my knowledge – by reading – is critical to that.

I’ve always wanted to systematically catalogue and record my reading, but I’ve never had the time to give that the thought it needs. This page finally addresses this. I’ve listed the books using Harvard Referencing, however, in a slightly modified, human-friendly form.

Reading History

My reading history page is largely personal, to hold myself accountable and to underpin my thinking with relevant citations. If you’re interested in widening your reading, you might like to take a look.

November 2018

Do Design: Why Beauty is Key to Everything

Alan Moore

Chronicles: On Our Troubled Times

Thomas Piketty

Ways of Curating

Hans Ulrich Obrist

October, 2018