Creative Selection: Inside Apple’s Design Process During the Golden Age of Steve Jobs

Ken Kocienda

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John Carreyrou’s tireless reporting on Silicon Valley darling, Theranos, first caught my eye in XXXX. To the rest of the world, Theranos – and its charismatic founder Elizabeth Holmes – were a miracle…

Silicon Valley had no shortage of founders, mostly male, however, here was a woman… just what news needed. Sadly, Theranos’s promise – to disrupt the healthcare sector – proved little more than a mirage. A carefully crafted story…

With a board of directors including George Schulz and Henry Kissinger, no less, the money flooded in… only for the house of cards to come tumbling down amidst accusations of fraud or, as Carreyrou puts it, secrets and lies.

It’s to his credit that what might have been a dry story is, in Carreyrou’s hands, a gripping narrative with eye-opening revelations. The book has, hardly surprisingly, been optioned by STUDIO and will soon be a film starring Jennifer Lawrence as Holmes with XXXX directing.

XXXX directed The Big Short… which – if you haven’t seen it – does a fantastic job of rendering the intricacies of the events behind the 2008 crash intelligible.

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