Motivational Speaking

I inspire audiences through captivating storytelling. By sharing lessons I’ve learned, I give attendees confidence to make things happen.


I’m a passionate speaker and have spoken at events, large and small, all over the world. I’ve delivered keynotes, opened and closed conferences, and compered events. I’m known for my entertaining style, which is educational, but – equally importantly – enjoyable.

By sharing stories and lessons I’ve learned over a 25+ year career, I inspire audiences, encouraging them to step out of their comfort zone. I ensure audiences are enthused and encouraged, giving attendees the confidence to make things happen.

In addition to speaking at professional conferences, I’ve also worked with private sector clients, including Booking.com and the BBC, to deliver motivational presentations that bring teams closer together.

Christopher is a joy to work with. He’s opened and closed our conferences and compered our events. He’s an incredibly inspiring speaker and leaves audiences feeling ready to conquer the world.

Jim Richardson · DIBI

Selected Talks


Designing Your Future

Design It; Build It (DIBI), Edinburgh

12 November, 2018

Creative Business Bootcamp (Workshop)

Design Week, Belfast

7 November, 2018

Everything Connected

NUX, Manchester

19 October, 2018


We Are Orchestrators

Pixel Pioneers, Belfast

16 November, 2017


SmashingConf, Barcelona

17–18 October, 2017