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I create stories that connect with audiences, helping brands share their purpose and cut through the noise. I’ll help you craft stories that work.

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I enjoy writing, it helps sharpen the mind and it reflects my belief that: “A good writer is a good thinker.”

My first published piece was a short review of Afro-Cuba (The Jazz Roots Of Cuban Rhythm) for WIRED in 1996, a mere 85 words for which I was handsomely paid £40. I’ve been writing ever since.

I work with businesses, helping them to develop considered content strategies that deliver. In addition to seven books – covering all aspects of design – I’ve also written chapters for anthologies, articles for magazines and content for web-based publications.

I specialise in crafting stories that work across media, helping brands to create engaging content that stands out in a world of information overload. If you’re looking for a writer with a deep understanding of content design and content strategy, drop me a line, I’d love to make your acquaintance.

Christopher worked with us to develop a suite of learning materials designed to promote Adobe XD. His knowledge of UX design is unparalleled and he’s a joy to work with.

Amanda Gross-Tuft · Content Strategist, Adobe


I’m fortunate to have written for publishers both large and small. I’m currently working on a new book on user experience design, but while I work on that the following might interest you.

Designing Delightful Experiences: A Practical Guide to User Experience Design

Smashing Media, 2021

In a digital landscape where consumers expect products to ‘just work’ it’s important to differentiate your product by designing for delight. This practical guide to user experience design – which will be accompanied by a comprehensive suite of digital resources (swipe files, templates and worksheets) – is currently in production and will be published by Smashing Magazine in late 2018.

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Start! Stop Procrastinating and Pursue Your Passion

Tiny Books, 2016

Have you ever had an idea for a business, but never quite managed to get it off the ground and turn it into a reality? I’ve been there and done it many times and, as an educator, I love helping others achieve success through the creation of sustainable and profitable businesses. In this practical book, I’ll help you get started so that you can turn your idea into a reality, building a profitable business.

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The Craft of Words, Parts 1 and 2

Five Simple Steps, 2013

Look carefully and you’ll notice that many of the most successful designs are built around words. Apple tantalises us with the ability to hold, “1,000 songs in your pocket.” MailChimp has created a wonderfully engaging brand, heavily focused around language. These two short companion volumes, originally published by Five Simple Steps, explore the role that words can play in establishing a clear brand identity.

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As an academic, anthologies – “published collections of literary works,” as the Oxford English Dictionary defines them – naturally interest me. I’m delighted to have written for a number of well-respected anthologies, including the following.

8 Faces: Collected

Margin Media, 2018

As a writer on the 8 Faces team, I contributed numerous essays and interviews for all but one of the magazine’s eight editions. I was delighted when Elliot Jay Stocks, 8 Faces’ publisher, ran a successful Kickstarter campaign to publish 8 Faces: Collected. The book contains interviews I conducted with: Hamish Muir of 8vo; Ed Fella; Stephen Sorrell and Damon Murray of FUEL; and Steven Heller.

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Smashing Book 4

Smashing Media, 2013

I contributed the closing chapter of Smashing Book 4, ‘On Creative Spirit’, which explores the creation of ‘idea factories’. Identifying a number of common characteristics that bind together creative pioneers – from Thomas Edison to Steve Jobs – I define a series of strategies one can use to unlock an endless flow of ideas.

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The Manual: Issue 1

Fiction, 2011

I was honoured to be invited to write for the inaugural edition of The Manual, a publication focused on exploring the whys and wherefores of design as it pertains to the web. ‘Designing the Mind’ posed the question: “How does the designer who is functionally competent grow professionally?” The chapter explored the importance of developing analytical and critical thinking through a three stage process that involves the intertwining of input, synthesis, and output.

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Let’s Work Together

Every business is different and every business challenge is unique. I’m more than happy to meet for a coffee, or chat via Skype, to help you define your specific goals.

If you have a problem you’d like to explore, please do get in touch. I’ll happily meet with you for an hour – with no obligations and at no cost – to explore some ideas. You’ve nothing to lose and I’ve no doubt the conversation will prove interesting.